Pliable Fixing (PLIFIX) Marking Indicator System

The PLIFIX system offers a revolutionary device that clearly identifies all ground marking in a simple, safe permanent manner. Once firmly fixed in place below ground level, PLIFIX remains in situ whilst normal ground care practise (mowing-fertilizing etc) continues. The tough, coloured fibres are UV stabilized and remain bright throughout the season. Dolomite stone granules are used to back-fill the PLIFIX, ensuring an even spread of fibres at ground level.

  • Strong Nylon UV Stabilized Fibres

  • Durable Polycarbonate Base

  • Threaded-Immovable ‘Mow’ Resistant Base

  • Safe for Machinery and Players

  • 4 Colours Available

  • Applicator Supplied With Integrated Distance Ring For Accurate Depth

  • Ideal For Pitch Marking, Hazard Marking, Trolley Paths & Walkways

  • Supplied In Starter Pack (25 PLIFIX-1 Applicator-5kg Granules)

Plifix Applicator Tool also sold separately


The Kitbag contains all you will need to accurately set out new markings.

Bowcom Handwinder

  • 400 mt Steel Corded Nylon Line

  • Offers High Tension ‘Non Drift’ Line

  • Integrated Clutch-Avoids Over Run

  • Light-Durable Construction

10 x 1 Bowcom Tread Pegs

  • High Strength Pasivated Steel

  • ‘D’ Handle-Avoids Injury

  • Tall Design-Highly Visible

  • Double Prong Design For Stability

4 x 1 Right Angles

  • Strong-Durable PVC Coated Tape

  • Integrated Brass Eyelet


Certain of the above items are also available separately



  • Durable Light Weight Construction

  • Adjustable Telescopic Handle

  • Integrated ‘Kick Down’ Stand

  • Easy Trigger Grip

  • 10,000 Metre Measuring Capacity

  • Integrated Reset Button




  • 100m/330ft Dual Marked Tape

  • Fibreglass-Non Stretch

  • Fully Washable

  • Tough Moulded ‘Tread In’Tape End